Mac OS Screen Capture Shortcuts

If you an owner of one of those Mac OS and would like to take a screen shot of your screen, the shortcuts to do that are as follows:

command + shift + 3 –> Capture current full screen and save to a file
command + shift + 4 –> Prompt for screen area and save to a file
ctrl + command + shift + 3 –> Capture current full screen to clipboard
ctrl + command + shift + 4 –> Prompt for screen area to clipboard

Win 7 Locate Large Files

Steps to locate a large files using windows 7.

1. Press Windows Logo + F
2. Locate the search text box at the top right hand corner.
3. Type in the search text box the following: size: gigantic, size: large etc.
Note that typing size will trigger a drop down list of choices from Empty to Gigantic.

FM RF to IF Chip


Look at this tiny chip. It is a RF to IF downconverter before demodulator. Today’s chips are getting smaller and smaller. It has a build in adjustable LNA, mixer, filter. I did not get the FM demodulator since I am planning to use this chip to implement an FM receiver on software side. This FM Software Define Radio will be implemented on Virtex II FPGA!… It will be fun to see it working.

MATLAB Error Integer too large in context

I recently experienced this error while using MATLAB. Error using maple… Error integer too large in context … This happens when I try to simulate an ESPRIT DOA estimation using atan function with symbolic expressions. The solution is to use:

clear maplemex % this works for me, this basically clears the Maple workspace
% and reinitializes the Maple kernel